Before, Pierre-Éliotte Trudeau and now the son who is a danger and disaster for the future of Canada



Pierre-Elliot Trudeau, the debt that was at the time 21 billion around 1974, today it is 700 billion. This debt has never stopped rising, because his father has delegated the monetary sovereignty of Canada to a group of private international bankers. (The true story of the Canadian debt)


In 1968, it was a crime in Canada for Pierre-Elliot Trudeau to be homosexual and to have an abortion. (This question should also be asked of his son if today is considered a crime.)


In 1969, the City of Sainte-Scholastique, a plan of expropriation 10 times larger than all the airports of the world, 97,000 acres. 3126 families, 12,000 people are expropriated, dispossessed cruelly, intimidated, threatened, shoving, Trudeau burned all the houses.

In 1970, the construction of the airport begins, 500 million 5 years of work and only 5% of the expropriated territory. The visionary Trudeau believed that there would be 40 million passengers and that in 50 years revenues would be multiplied by 6, the airport never exceeded 3 million passengers.

1975, the disaster after the inauguration of Mirabel Airport at Trudeau. The oil crisis has hurt, ticket prices are rising, air traffic has gone down, and the government is giving landing rights in Toronto. From 1975 to 1990 the number of passengers in Montreal was 31% and Toronto 92% Mirabel brand new has already lost its future gateways to the Northeast. In 20 years Trudeau never moved a finger to solve the problem, yet at the time already the government knew it was planting, the extension of Highway 13 to the airport and construction of a railroad for a connection to downtown Montreal, nothing has ever been done. At the time, according to the Minister of Transport, they were short of money and willpower.

In 1984, 81,000 of the 97,000 acres that had been expropriated were sold to farmers, for the expropriated their dreams had died in 1969!

1997 was a failure, all international flights were transferred to Dorval Airport, the last passenger flights will leave Mirabel on October 31, 2004.

Cherry on the Sunday: September 2003, the decision of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to give the Dorval airport the name of Pierre Elliott Trudeau. You have to be crazy to make such a decision! "It takes a lot of nerve to impose such an insult."


To make way for federal buildings, between 1 500 and 500 homes and homes were expropriated and demolished in the city of Hull between 1969 and 1974, affecting 5,000 people. On May 20, 1969, Prime Minister Trudeau announced without notice that hundreds of families from modest backgrounds in the historic district of Hull (Gatineau) would be expropriated and their homes demolished to make way for a vast complex of federal buildings.


July 22, 1970, hundreds of families expropriated from Forillon Park will have gone through hell. The Quebec government expropriated 325 families, 1,800 properties and 1,500 lands, to return uninhabited land to the federal government, which created Forillon Park. Five expropriated areas: Penouille, Rivière-Morris (in Rivière-au-Renard), L'Anse-au-Griffon Valley, Grande-Grave and Cap-des-Rosiers (including Rang Saint-Martin).

The Government of Canada has overshadowed the history of the place and made life disappear. As in Mirabel the government proceeds with incredible rigor, shaving 8 villages people have seen their homes burned. The negotiations were led by a young lawyer named Jean Chrétien.

In the early 1970s, they will expel honest citizens from their homes. Some will "drag" our governments into court. With the young lawyer Lionel Bernier, they will beat the battery of experts of our leaders. The judge will prove them right.

"It was David against Goliath. The expropriated were told that they were much better off to be satisfied with the offer, because their house was worth nothing "2000 $ to 5000 $ to redeem a land, a house, move, even in 1970 dollars, it is little to replace a property that is forced out of you "

In October 1975, a court awarded nearly $ 2 million more to the expropriated. At the time, Ottawa was finally lying to ease the discontent by promising that the creation of the park would result in the influx of 500,000 visitors per year in the region and the creation of 3,000 direct and indirect jobs. Forty-five years later, we are far off the mark: last year, Forillon Park welcomed 123,000 visitors. There is a total of 130 employees.

"There are people who will never draw the curtain because the wounds are too deep"

Today, during a visit to Forillon National Park, the guides will tell you very little about this sad page of Gaspesian history. Did they ignore? Do they order not to talk about it?


1,200 people were expropriated on 5 November 1976. Seven villages where they lived were razed to make way for the development of a park, 260 families expropriated. Families receive on average between $ 10,000 and 12,000 depending on the value of the properties and nearly half accept the offer.

The expropriated also feel cramped in the other communities where they settle and the landlords demand too much. They also lose their profession because they have to give up their fishing rights.

In 1979 he challenged the expropriation in court, but the court found the expropriation legal. Two hundred people then caused a riot in the park, followed by another a few weeks later. These riots precipitate the creation of a commission of inquiry, which blames the federal government and gives the expropriated a compensation of $ 1.6 million.


October 1970, Just Wach Me, War Measures Law. A man would die, the death of Pierre Laporte. In 1963, the birth of a clandestine movement, FLQ (Front de liberation du Quebec) a radical movement that used violence to serve the cause of Quebec independence.

1963, bombs exploded in the heart of Montreal, near the attacks the word FLQ was written on a wall. The FLQ was nationalist than socialist. The first targets were symbols of the British Crown, federal buildings, RCMP, railroads, military barracks and mailboxes of the English-speaking West of Montreal.

Pierre Schneider says that FLQ believed that the only way was to use violence to wake up the Quebec people. Even the CBC transmission tower was targeted. In April 1963, Wilfred O'neill a Canadian soldier died because of a bomb put by the FLQ. The first of the six victims that the FLQ will make between April 1963 and September 70.

The purpose of the FLQ was not to seek death, it remains accidental, the population of Quebec did not agree with the use of violence, except that it showed determination and seriousness for the cause. The members of the FLQ were more or less twenty people. The cause was to sensitize the population, to talk about independence because at that time the newspapers did not talk about it.

The FLQ had begun to fly banks to finance its organization, arms thefts, etc. , the goal right now was to move on to direct action.

In 1964, Queen Elizabeth came to Quebec City for an official visit, the demonstrations broke out everywhere in the violence.

With the arrival of Pierre Vallière and Charles Gagnon in 1965, the FLQ's discourse changed, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, from 1965 to 66, it was support for the workers.

In the fall of 1970, the FLQ took action, decided to kidnap Richard Cross from his home, and a second FLQ cell abducted Pierre Laporte, Minister of Labor and Immigration.

It was then that on October 16, 1970, the Trudeau government decided to use the War Measures Act. (Trudeau says, to survive, any democratic society must be able to get rid of the cancer represented by an armed revolutionary movement)

The authorities were notified on October 17 by message that one would find Pierre Laporte's body in a Chevrolet car, the trunk was opened and the discovery of his body. On October 20, his body was transported to Côte-des-Neiges Cemetery.

On December 28, 1970, the police arrest Paul and Jacques Rose and Francise Simard. Paul Rose, Simard is imprisoned for life and Jacques Rose at 8 for complicity.

Before the end of the movement, the FLQ had more or less 30 people, it was more than 400 people who were searched, doors smashed, arrested without any mandate, detained and deprived of their most basic rights, doctors, lawyers, teachers, writers, journalists, etc.


November 4, 1981, the night of the long knives, at the moment when the constitutional act of 1982 is accepted by the Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau, as well as 9 of the 10 provincial premiers, without the knowledge of the Premier of Quebec René Lévesque, who slept in Hull.

On April 17, 1982, Pierre-Elliot Trudeau marked history sadly with the repatriation of the constitution, a document that Quebec never wanted to sign. A coup denouncing in the book of Frédéric Bastien, researcher and historian. It is based in particular on declassified documents from the British Foreign Office and Canadian Foreign Affairs, obtained in eight years of research, to describe this stormy episode in Canadian history.

The British who were the witnesses to privilege the repatriation of the constitution, even the ambassador described as true coups d'etat, the coup that was imposed to us to modify the balance of the powers. The involvement of two judges, the first was Bora Laskin, he was a big supporter of the adoption of a charter of freedoms in the constitution. He deliberately informed the British and Canadian governments of the deliberations of the country's highest court on the proposed repatriation of the Constitution.

By thus violating the separation of executive and judicial powers, the Chief Justice has committed a "serious" ethical misconduct, which calls into question the very legitimacy of repatriation. In London, three provinces launched an appeal before their Court of Appeal, asking whether Trudeau's move was constitutional (legal).

The British government wanted Trudeau to ask the Supreme Court what his judgment was, the legality of the process. Judge Weller told British Ambassador John Ford, we will surely seize this case! Trudeau did not want to go to the Supreme Court, Trudeau was afraid the case would get bogged down, there would have been endless lawsuits.

The information on this approach to seize the Supreme Court has never been disclosed to opponents and / or any of the provinces that had who agreed with the repatriation of the constitution. Judge Weller warns the British government not to walk in there. If the information had been made public, surely there would never have been repatriation of the constitution. Trudeau violated rules of law in order to create a new regime.

In the end, that was in the Supreme Court Judge Laskin said it was to be very long, the judges did not expect. Trudeau told former British Prime Minister Tactcher that he was very disappointed by Judge Bora Laskin, he was creating problems. Attorney General Jean Chrétien negotiated with his peers in Saskatchewan (Roy Romanow) and Ontario (Roy McMurtry). The provincial premiers agreed to eliminate their right to veto, while Chrétien, with reservation, offered them a clause. derogatory (or derogation)

Hatfield and Davis accepted the compromise and told Trudeau that he should make the deal. Trudeau agreed. This agreement is known in English Canada as the "Kitchen Agreement" because it was born out of a discussion that began in a kitchen. Quebec announced on November 25, 1981 that it would use its veto right on the kitchen. On December 6, 1982, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld a decision of the Quebec Court of Appeal ruling that Quebec had never possessed this right.

Provisions will be inserted in the constitution, decreasing Quebec's powers in terms of language and education. Moreover, Trudeau refuses to grant Quebec veto rights or tax compensation.

With the concept of multiculturalism in the charter, Quebec only becomes one Canadian culture among many others. More question of the special status of founding people. The Quebec people only become another minority culture in Canada.

You can read a short video where Raymond Beaudoin is assaulted by Pierre E. Trudeau, it says a lot about his angry character.

To finish the father's part, Pierre-Elliotte Trudeau was paranoid, manipulative, unpredictable.

The ordeal that made us suffer and the proverb that does not lie; such a father, such a son, so it was obvious that Justin Trudeau would not be a good prime minister. Justin Trudeau is in this position for the only reason his father was there before him and also very clear that for me he follows the footsteps of his father. But still with a really dangerous goal, to make a country Canada, a multicultural country.


Since Trudeau is in power, what has he done for Canada? For my part, nothing! The first thing Trudeau did at the beginning of his term; Less than three months after his election, the Trudeau government reduced the marginal tax rate - from 22% to 20.5% - on revenues between $ 45,282 and $ 90,563. At the same time, it introduced a new tax bracket of 33% - instead of 29% - on revenues over $ 200,000. Trudeau had promised during the campaign that the cost of these two measures would be zero, it finally was not the case. According to government calculations, both measures dug a hole of $ 1.2 billion in the federal budget.


"Trudeau distributes billions of dollars to other countries while Canadians line up in food banks": Clinton Foundation - $ 241.5 million, "The Clintons have spent decades filling their pockets with their donors instead of Americans "$ 650 million from Canada to fill gaps in funding for sexual and reproductive health and rights and $ 840 million for humanitarian assistance in response to the crises in Iraq and Syria and impact of these crises on Jordan and Lebanon.

Full report

Donations to the Trudeau Foundation quadrupled, foreign donations increased 10-fold. In what appears to be a surprise find, a troubling trend regarding finances and donations from Trudeau foundations. The organization maintains a surplus of $ 2,000,000 through significant foreign donations and corporate sponsorships that actively lobby the federal government.

Some of Canada's largest corporations, including Air Canada, BMO, Suncor and Resolute Forest Products, have sponsored Trudeau Foundation conferences. While such a Bombardier even has members of its board of directors directly on that of Trudeau Foundations.

The Liberal Party of Canada has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations in exchange for privileged access to its members of Parliament, its ministers and its leader. And it does not seem to move Justin Trudeau, who does it himself, even if it violates the rules he enacted when he came to power.

In May 2016, the Prime Minister was the guest of honor at a party for wealthy Canadian Chinese financiers at $ 1,500. This fundraising event was attended by Wealth One Canada founder Shenglin Xian.

Justin Trudeau for 2016 received in just two days, just as Chinese bank Wealth One received the green light from Ottawa to open. Elections Canada data show that some 40 large donations of nearly $ 1,500 were received from donors in British Columbia or Ontario bearing Chinese-sounding names on July 6 and 7, 2016.

On July 7, the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada (OSFI) gave Wealth One the right to begin operations, concentrated in Vancouver and the Toronto area.


From February 17 to 23, 2018, the "disastrous" trip to India by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his entourage cost Canadian taxpayers $ 1.5 million.

May 2016, trip to US President Barack Obama. His mother and in-laws were the personal guests of US President Barack Obama at the official White House dinner in March, but it seems that it was the taxpayers who paid for their trip.

December 26, 2016 to January 4, 2017, holiday holidays on the private island of his friend the Aga Khan with his family and some guests, including his friend today Minister, Seamus O'Regan. Justin Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act by visiting the private island of the Aga Khan with his family and friends during the holidays.

The Trudeau vacation at the Aga Khan cost taxpayers $ 215,000. Trudeau has donated $ 330 million to his friend Aga Khan's Foundation since 1981, including $ 110 million since he took office in 2015. Trudeau never wanted to repay his trip that Canadian taxpayers paid!

Trudeau had also accepted a holiday on the island with his immediate family and other relatives in December 2014. Also, family members, along with their guests, had accepted a stay in March 2016.

"There is every reason to believe that [Justin Trudeau's] friendship with the Aga Khan stems from Mr. Trudeau's election to the position of leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and, later, his accession to the position of prime minister. . "




Sikhs from Alberta will be able to ride without a motorcycle helmet. Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti, an emergency physician, says it's a decision that will put people's lives at risk. "The law of gravity applies to all religions". (Quebec) Do not wear a helmet (motorcycle or cyclo) 3 demerit points fine between $ 200 and $ 300 License fee increase will be $ 50 more.


Small knives, blades, nail clippers, disposable razors or sharp objects measuring 6 cm or less are now accepted in aircraft cabins in Canada. According to Transport Canada, these changes are designed to make flying easier for passengers, while ensuring a safe environment for all.

The real goal of Justin Trudeau was to accommodate the Sikhs with the port of Kirpan, the double-edged dagger they carry aboard the planes. During this time we refuse (bath salts, sea salt, baby powder, foot powder, powdered food for cooking and sand).


In 2011, a reform undertaken by the Conservatives added a paragraph to this guide, warning that certain "barbaric cultural practices", such as honor killings and excision of the clitoris, were considered crimes in Canada. "This passage will be removed."

The news agency "The Canadian Press" has obtained the working paper for the Citizenship Guide reform, which was launched in early 2016 and is about to be implemented. Indeed, the recasting of the guide provides for the removal of the elements on "barbaric cultural practices". If Justin Trudeau has never denied that excision was barbaric, he wants to remove this mention from the Citizenship Guide.


Pierre Pettigrew, (former Federal Minister of Health), Allan Rock (Minister of Justice in 1993, then Minister of Health in 1997) (An Ontario company owned by Allan Rock's wife and son) and Martin Cauchon (Minister of National Revenue (August 1999 - January 2002), and Minister of Justice, Attorney General of Canada and Minister responsible for Quebec (January 2002 - December 2003).

Other: (The daughter of former Prime Minister Jean Charest lobbies the Couillard government for a company that wants to sell cannabis)

The Financial Director of the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC) had the time to become a multimillionaire of the pot in just a few months by launching his own marijuana company accredited by Health Canada (Chuck Rifici, 39, a close supporter of Justin Trudeau ).


Six export contracts covering armor and accessories worth $ 15 billion, a large part of the total contract. According to Justin Trudeau, it was light armored vehicles.


Trudeau wants to revise the sale of 16 helicopters in the Philippines, he wants the helicopters that Canada delivers to the Philippines are used only for relief purposes? Yet Islamists are just as much enemies of Canada as of the Philippines.

Conversely, the same Justin Trudeau government accepted that Canadian-made armored vehicles be sold to Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia is waging an atrocious war in Yemen to maintain control of the country. The same Saudi Arabia that sends and supports Islamists all over the world. It should not be said that Saudi Arabia is our enemy. She buys a lot of weapons in Canada.

"There is evidence that Canadian military equipment and military equipment such as tanks have been used to suppress demonstrations and thus freedom of expression and assembly in Saudi Arabia."


Bill C-6 is now passed, thus simplifying the process of Canadian citizenship for immigrants.



 There is every reason to believe that Justin Trudeau wants to protect the terrorists by no longer dismissing him for terrorism, espionage and treason.


The Government of Canada is talking about "reintegrating" the Canadian jihadists of the Islamic State into society. "We should ask ourselves the question, why Trudeau has trouble supporting the victims? "Recently in Toronto, a terrorist attack, which most media hide, according to the media it would be the act of an imbalance. But if we look at the video below, which is not a FAKE, it's really the terrorist we see.

Canada will open its doors to some 50 Syrian White Helmets and their families. In all, about 250 people could be welcomed by Canada in the coming weeks or months. According to journalist Vanessa Beeley, members of the White Helmets had links with rebel jihadist groups, such as Fatah Al-Cham, the result of the merger of Al-Nosra and Arhar Al-Cham.

It becomes very disturbing to say that it is not a terrorist act. "Does Trudeau realize that his job is to ensure the safety of Canadians and not the comfort of these murderers? "


 Trudeau paid a total of $ 31.3 million to compensate three Canadians accused of terrorists and tortured in Syria and Egypt

Canada's Multi-Million-Dollar Pay-Out to a 'Foreign Terrorist Fighter'

Omar Khadr, a member of a family of Pakistani jihadists close to Bin Laden, was 15 when he threw a grenade at a US Army doctor who was helping him, killing him on the spot, at a fight in Afghanistan in 2002.

The question to ask, why is Justin Trudeau still surrounded by Muslims?

Canada's doors wide open, why has it not stopped the wave of illegal immigrants, what plan does it have in mind? Even before he began his tenure as prime minister, one could well realize that he counted the vote of Muslims to win the elections.

Already his associates were very doubtful. It is sponsored by Islamic Relief in Toronto. He will be accompanied for the occasion by several heavyweights of the Muslim Brotherhood, including Tariq Ramadan, Jamal Badawi and Mustafa Ceric.

Tariq Ramadan in France: arrested in February 2018 for rape, sexual assault, willful violence, harassment, intimidation: charges against him are numerous.

Jamal Badawi explains that the Muslim Brotherhood must understand their work in America as a kind of grand jihad aimed at eliminating, destroying from within Western civilization and sabotaging its miserable abode so that the religion of Allah will be victorious over all other religions.

On the websites of its British and Canadian sections, the Islamic Relief organization, which will welcome Justin Trudeau, openly declares funding for Muslims engaged in jihad ("Those struggling in the path of Allah").

The disturbing M-103 motion by Ms. Iqra Khalid

Motion M-103 affirming that the Government of Canada must recognize the "climate of hatred and fear that is spreading in the population" (!) And condemning "Islamophobia and all forms of racism and systemic religious discrimination" was adopted by all members of the Liberal Party of Canada, the NDP, but also by Michael Chong, candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Ms. Khalid's candidacy was openly supported by a collaborator from the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), whose charitable status was revoked in 2013 due to activity related to the financing of a terrorist group. ISNA is close to the Jamaat-e-Islami - the Islamic Party in Urdu - a Pakistani political party founded by the great thinker of Islamic revival Mawdoudi.

But that's not all. In addition to the support she has received from ISNA and Islamist circles in Mississauga, Ms. Khalid has an extremely disturbing militant background.


Ms. Khalid's activism

Ms. Khalid was president of the Muslim Student Association of York University, an association founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1963. During a proselytizing event, the Muslim Student Association distributed a book legitimizing domestic violence against women. under the pretext that "these women may even love being sometimes beaten and take it as a sign of love and care".

"These women may be enjoying themselves at times of love and concern."

Faced with these disturbing facts, it is entirely justified to wonder whether, through the voice of Iqra Khalid, the M-103 motion does not proceed from a desire of Islamist lobbies to muzzle any criticism of political Islam by exploiting the notions of racism and "systemic" religious discrimination. We also know that the very notion of Islamophobia remains extremely problematic, since it was instrumentalized by the Ayatollah Khomeny regime in order to discredit any criticism of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. It is now used to equate any questioning of political Islam with a particular form of racism against Muslims.

Political Islam or Islamism, can be defined as a political ideology aiming to make the whole society conform to the Islamic precepts at the level of law (fiqh) as well as social conventions. Some Islamist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood advocate "Islamization from below", the sneaky imposition of Islamic morals in society to prepare the ground for a future takeover.


He faces 19 charges, including forcible confinement, sexual assault with a weapon, death threats and assault, and will be required to pay bail of $ 10,000 to recover his liberty pending trial.

Joshua Boyle was previously married to the sister of Omar Khadr who received $ 10 million.


Justin Trudeau with Jaspal Atwal

Extremist Sikh guilty of attempted murder alongside Justin Trudeau's wife

Sikh convicted of trying to assassinate an Indian cabinet minister in 1986 has been invited to attend events with the prime minister during his visit to India.

The man below posing next to Justin Trudeau is not just any voter. He is under investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), who is suspected of having participated, along with other Quebecers, in the hijacking of two American journalists in Syria in 2013, orchestrated by the Al-Nusra Front, a group linked to Al Qaeda. It is said, what was he doing here, after winning the election, the Canadian Prime Minister was giving an interview to Radio-Canada at Place des Arts in downtown Montreal. Is this a coincidence? , let me doubt, according to what people are told people were not aware that he would take a walkabout that day.

Justin Trudeau is a failure in terms of global security.

He stopped the shelling against the Islamic State
Silent on Hamas terrorist group
Reintegration of Islamic State terrorists
More flexible punishment for terrorist-related crimes
Renews relations with Iran, a state that sponsors terrorism

Since Trudeau was in office, there have been a lot of changes in Canada's security, especially at special events, like the Just For Laughs Festival, where safety is increased, concrete blocks to prevent a terrorist act. With the Harper government we had never seen that, it seems so normal today to see this security everywhere we come accustomed.

When, there are terrorist acts claimed by the Islamic State (because yes today, it is normal for Canada to have them) we try to hide that, we always did it (mental illness or depression, even said often, it's a poor guy, it was just a loner, etc.)

Now we have Motion M-103, "condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination." This motion will limit freedom of expression and even endorse Sharia law in Canada. This motion is obviously part of a long-term strategy whose goal is to stigmatize and then suppress all criticism of Islam and its political variant Islamism.

The Supreme Court removed the Crown's obligation to consult First Nations on October 11, 2018.

In the Mikisew decision, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) struck down the duty to consult, bringing us back to an era prior to section 35 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which deals with rights and ancestral and treaty titles. Three decades, hundreds of cases, and millions of dollars in legal fees were needed to develop clear legal principles for constitutional protection under this narrow article. The duty to consult compelled the Crown - the federal and provincial governments - not only to consult but also to take the necessary steps, if necessary, to obtain the consent of the First Nations before taking any action that, to their knowledge, could be taken. affect Aboriginal and treaty rights.

The decision was a shock.

Father Trudeau has always wanted to make Canada a multicultural country, it was in his plans, like his son today. Two men very dangerous for the future of Canada. When in a religion, you are told that Christians are your enemies, Jews and non-believers, to eliminate them, do you believe that multiculturalism can work? What Trudeau is doing today is changing Canada forever, a country where war will exist within a few decades.

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